Our Toolkit is helping one of our Volunteer (fellow 501c3) organizations to Manage:

  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • New Chapter rollouts
  • Events & Fundraisers
  • Find and notify resources for their primary objectives

Volunteer Energy is great, but DIRECTING it makes all the differences in achieving the outcomes that a VSO wants to create.

Veterans Volunteer Service Organizations (VSO’s) do a great job of recruiting willing participants who believe in taking care of their own. If they cannot organize and manage that human capital – it is at best underutilized and at worst dissipates as volunteers begin to feel that they are not making a difference. 

VSO Tools

VC4V will enable the utilization of an Information Technology/Communications ToolKit that will allow VSO’s to operate at a Fortune 500 level of efficiency in providing services, managing personnel, and fundraising. Our supporters will fund VSO’s having access to that managed service.