We KNOW about PTSD, and the terrible toll that PTSD takes on Veterans who suffer from it.  You may not know about the toll that PTSD takes on the families of those Veterans, or that we spend BILLIONS of dollars per year NOT curing Veterans with PTSD…

The 22 Per Day challenge HAS done a good job of raising awareness about Veterans suffering from PTSD, and the suicide rate linked to that, what most people do NOT know:

We spend $500Million plus per year on Mental Health Therapy that actually has less than a 10% Efficacy rate for our PTSD Symptomatic Veterans population

We spend almost THREE BILLION per year on PTSD Treatment - that does almost nothing to actually cure a Veteran, and typically incurs additional costs that are 2X to 4X the cost of the Treatment.

Almost 40% of our Veterans are RURAL - and in those cases they have NO real access to any kind of Mental Health Therapy … medication is really their only option.