Vets Care4Vets will be working with both private
industry and government programs to find ways
to create career opportunities for Veterans that
will leverage their military experience. We will
also work with Rural Communities to enhance
opportunities for the 40% of our Vets who live in
rural America.

Veterans gain invaluable real world work
experience while deployed, unfortunately much of
it is highly specialized. Often when Vets move
back home to be near family - there are very few
jobs available that need the specialized skill sets
that they have acquired. In some cases the jobs
ARE there, but Vets are not given credit for their
military work experience, and they need to start
at entry level positions for which they are

Veterans Employment

Returning Armed Services Corpsmen are given no consideration for their medical experience when applying to become EMT’s & Paramedics (true across almost all 50 states). They are treated as though they were just an ordinary high school graduate. Given their real world experience and the needs of Veterans in Rural America, this makes no sense.

VC4V will work with state EMT organizations to accept accreditation for a new Paramedic course we intend to sponsor and spread to Community Colleges across the country. We will also create a scholarship program for those retired corpsmen willing to do a 2 year Tour of Duty in a Rural area with a higher than normal concentration of Vets.

This is an active project in its initial (information gathering) stage. If you have information to share, or want to help this effort, please send an email to