It’s not enough just to give blindly, unless you are giving to just to soothe your conscience.  If you are truly concerned with helping the situation which the charity is trying to solve, then you are concerned with the OUTCOME of your donation. As a bad analogy, imagine giving monies to ensure that people who are Hungry are FED…

Vets Care 4Vets is committed to ensuring that we have one of the highest Efficacy ratings in the world of Veterans’ Charities.  We commit to being able to show our donors BOTH:
- a high leverage ratio of monies donated as compared to other charities’ utilization, AND
- one of the highest percentages of direct benefits to veterans

Not all Veterans charities are as careful with your donated monies.

Improving a Community’s ability to Farm:
This example is the most effective use of a gift, the monies provided create a self-perpetuating scenario where the community becomes less dependent on outside/ongoing donations to provide for the ongoing benefit

Donation just WASTED - Greed
This happens more often than we would like to believe.  Whether it is the Executives who pay themselves as though they were Fortune500 CEO’s, or lavish events and travel, or lobbying & legal costs – this is obviously the least desirable outcome for your contribution, it does not “feed” the right people.

Not all Vets Causes really do all that much to  benefit Veterans

VetsCare4Vets ensures that all of our initiatives fall in the first category – our outcomes create new initiatives that are either self-sustaining or create an on-going benefit that does not require replenishment, i.e.:

Ø  The PTSD pilot will show the Federal government a better way to deploy existing monies already being (poorly) spent on PTSD treatment

Ø  Corpsmen becoming EMT’s and Community Paramedics will help relieve the deficit of qualified medical personnel in Rural America, and create career paths for Vets

Ø  Veterans Volunteer Service Organizations – have great enthusiasm and local participation, but they need resources that organize them and make them more effective.

Feed Members of the Community
This still at least achieves the objective, but it means that the  food (gift) that is given and consumed today, needs to be replaced tomorrow, and the next day, and on and on forever…Unfortunately this is how most charities work.  The initial contribution requires ongoing weekly/monthly contributions, because the REAL goal is never really met without assistance.

Impact of $$s

Typical examples:

  • Major percentage of monies raised go back to the fundraiser
  • Monies spent on un-reasonable executive compensation
  • Monies spent on travel and other luxuries… the list goes on and on…