Curtis Gearhart

November 7 2016

John Toombs

November 2016

VSO’s do a great job recruiting eager and capable Volunteers, but it’s important to get the best possible outcomes from their work.  Volunteers who feel that they are making a difference want to do more.  If they feel they are wasting their time…

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We KNOW about PTSD, and the terrible toll that PTSD takes on Veterans who suffer from it. You may not know about the toll that PTSD takes on Vet's families, or that we spend BILLIONS of dollars per year NOT curing Veterans with PTSD...


Veterans often return home with skills that don’t easily translate into Civilian life, or that are not as in demand in the area they choose/need to live.  Vets Care4Vets will be working with both private industry and government to increase opportunities…

Making sure that your help COUNTS.

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More than awareness:

​         ...ACTION

The 22 Pushup Challenge has done an amazing job of raising awareness of the pain that our Veterans and their families are experiencing.  It is time to do more than just raise awareness - it is time to take ACTION - and change the realities of the treatment options that are available to them.​

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Few causes create the level of empathy/sympathy that Veterans charities arouse. People are aware of the debt of gratitude that we owe Veterans, and we want to help those who have sacrificed so much on our behalf. Unfortunately too many well-intentioned people - who give for all of the right reasons - end up making donations to organizations that are either ineffective - or in too many cases outright fraudu​lent...